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Can yinz believe how popular OUTrageous Bingo has become over the last years?
We know howTheaTrix1 excited you are to get yout tickets for the next game so check back here often for ticket updates!

Tickets for the following month’s game will be available on the Sunday after the previous game.  We will announce on here, Facebook and on Twitter when tickets are sold out.

Reservations are incorporated into your ticket purchase!  When you buy your tickets you’ll be asked for a group name or a last name.  Be sure to share this name with everyone in your party because it is this name that we will use to match up the tickets for the reservation size.  If you have any problems at all, please email us at: help@outrageousbingopgh.org!

So, what do you get with your admission?  We’re so glad you asked!

  • We play 12 regular games!
  • Players may purchase additional cards for 5 special games where the payouts are even bigger than a drag queens hair!
  • We have an intermission where you’re sure to be entertained by the best local singers, drag queens and kings!
  • A concession stand is open with tasty treats and non-alcoholic beverages!
  • Prizes, Prizes, Prizes!  We give out piles of cash throughout the night based on your ticket number, we give away popular items in our OUTrageous “As Seen On TV” giveaway and we also have some OUTstanding door prizes!  If you don’t win…. you’re a loser!
  • In addition to the give-a-ways, specials and regular games, players can purchase 50/50 ticket where prizes reach over $1,700…. and that’s your TAKE HOME!  You can’t get this anywhere else, folks!

So, what are you waiting for?!  Click below to get your tickets and we’ll be seeing you at the next OUTrageous Bingo!


Dates for Spring 2018!
January 20
February 17
March 3
March 24
May 5
May 26 (Pride Bingo)



*Note: When ShowClix no longer has tickets available, OUTrageous Bingo is sold out.  We’d love to see you at Bingo but when tickets are gone, tickets are gone.  We value your emails but we will not be able to create any more tickets once they sell out.

Yinz need to get tickets! Get them here!