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Player Stories

You know friends, over the last 16 years that OUTrageous Bingo has been supporting our communityVolunteers3 and during that time we’ve all made some amazing, lasting friendships.  Whether the last bingo was your first or you’ve been with us through Goodwill and Soldiers and Sailors, we love seeing you and spending an OUTrageous evening together.  There have been many a colorful character coming to support us and we would like to share some of your stories with the rest of the world

If you have a story about OUTrageous Bingo (maybe you met your partner here, celebrated an event with us or came to hang out with friends) we would love to hear about it.  Send us an email at info@outrageousbingopgh.org and tell us all about it!

From Diane:

OUTrageous Bingo is one of the best events to attend in Pittsburgh.  Great way to spend time with wife Heidi, our daughter Sarah, and friends, especially Pittsburgh Transgender Group.  Becoming friends with GLCC volunteers is priceless.  A lot of work goes into preparing for night of bingo playing.  Gender performers are glorious.  A better intermission show at a fundraiser I dare anyone to choose. Seeing friends and lgbt allies together for GLCC fundraiser lifts the spirits.  MC Rick is a treasure;  words can not do justice to his fabulousness.  His description of “As Seen on Tv” prizes are classic.

Some of my fondest memories:

When Heidi won raffle prize of “vibrating noodle” and had to go up to claim her prize in front of everyone.  Our 1yr legal marriage anniversary occurred same day as OUTrageous Bingo Pride Event June 22nd this year.  We received announcement by dear friend & fabulous MC Rick with audience applause.  Also, we were interviewed by college interns for a documentary on GLCC OUTrageous Bingo (to be aired this fall?)  Cindy singing is always a treat.

Halloween Event at OUTrageous Bingo is a highlight.  My favorite costume:  Bert & Ernie.

Last month, Heidi was 1 of 2 lucky players to win the last special game of the night for $1,000.

When I realized she was only 1 away from winning, my heart raced.  Each number called, I thought, someone else is going to yell “Bingo”.  Both of us appeared to remain calm.  We kept our oath “Not to get tense”.  Well, we tried.

Involvement with the GLCC and OUTrageous Bingo has enriched our lives in ways I can’t verbalize. Giving back is a small way to show our gratitude.

Have an OUTrageous day,



From Jeff:

I was first introduced to OUTrageous Bingo by my supervisor at work a few years back.  He took my partner and I when Bingo was in the Goodwill Building on the Southside.  I became more personally involved last year when I began as a volunteer at the GLCC.  The director was recruiting volunteers to help with the Halloween Bingo so I volunteered my partner Dave and myself, and that began our careers as Bingo Volunteers.

The Saturday evenings spent at bingo provides an evening out within the diverse community of bingo-goers.  It’s fun, silly, sometimes loud and always exciting as the queer and straight folks find their way to their seats.  The games proceed with intermissions for “As Seen on TV” and other amusing gimmicks to engage and energize the group.  The winnings are substantial and most folks attending seem caught up in the spirit of generosity, knowing that the proceeds will support the important social work of Shepherd Wellness Community and the Gay and Lesbian Community Center.

As Coordinator of the GLCC sponsored Nexus Program, a Social Connection Outreach for LGBTQ persons ages 50+, I hosted a Nexus Table at Bingo.  This allowed for the group to sit together and experience the Bingo-Fever as a group.  Other groups are welcome to reserve table space and enjoy the evening together with friends, family, and/or co-workers.

I would encourage you to come and experience the phenomenon of OUTrageous Bingo for yourself.  And who knows, you might go home with full pockets; but if not you’ll be filled with the knowledge that your good time helped to provide needed services to others.


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